Ahilya Sawh

Ahilya's PhD defense!

Ahilya N. Sawh

HBSc McMaster University 2007 in Honours Biochemistry Co-op Molecular Biology Specialization

PhD McGill University 2015 in Biochemistry

Current position: floating around until postdoc!



Ahilya joined the Duchaine Lab after completing her undergraduate degree in Biochemistry at McMaster University. Her research projects include studying the post-translational life of C. elegans Dicer (DCR-1) and the mechanisms of RNAi-mediated transcriptional gene silencing. She can often be found in the microscope room playing indie rock and injecting worm germlines. IPs and western blots are her lifeblood, minipreps are the opposite. Ahilya also enjoys dinner parties, painting and anything plant-related.