Thomas Duchaine

Thomas F. Duchaine, PhD
Professor, McGill University
Associate Director, Goodman Cancer Institute

PhD Université de Montréal, 2001

The common thread in the research interests of Dr. Duchaine is the functions of RNA and RNA-binding proteins in the control of genetic expression. Until 2001, Dr. Duchaine pursued his Ph.D. work at Université de Montréal in the lab of Luc Desgroseillers, where he used molecular biology to characterize the mammalian homologs of the RNA-binding protein Staufen. He moved on as a post-doctoral fellow, first in the lab of Nobel laureate Craig C. Mello at UMass Med. School (2001-2005), and later for a 1-year second post-doc at McGill University in the lab of Nahum Sonenberg (2005-2006). Since then, he leads an independent research program, now as an Associate Director in the Goodman Cancer Institute, and a Professor in the Department of Biochemistry at McGill. His current research revolves around the molecular aspects of RNA interference (RNAi), microRNAs, and their implications in cancer.

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