Caroline’s paper is out in NAR here! – July 2018

Thomas’ review on miRNA-mediated silencing is out now! – June 2018

We have a new grad student! Welcome Chehronai! – January 2018

We welcome Elva, a new graduate student, and Rania, our new technician! – September 2017

Mathieu has defended his thesis! Congratulations Mathieu! – July 2017

Mathieu’s paper is out in NAR here! – May 2017

Thomas organized a great meeting in Barbados with the help of Alexandra and Vinay, check out some pictures of the “RNA as a Guide” meeting here! – May 2017

We had a great retreat in Mont Saint Anne with the Simard lab! Check out our group picture. – March 2017

Happy New Year from the Duchaine lab! – January 2017

Edlyn’s paper is out in NAR! Check it out here! – October 2016

Our second PhD student has defended her thesis! Congratulations Edlyn!! – May 2016

Congratulations to Mathieu on his paper! Check it out in NAR here! – April 2016

Happy Holidays from the Duchaine lab! This season we bid a fond farewell to Ahilya, who is moving on to a postdoctoral position in Boston. Congratulations Ahilya! – December 2015

Our first PhD student has defended! Congratulations Ahilya!! – August 2015

Congratulations to Vinay on his first paper! Check it out in NAR here! – July 2015

We had a great retreat with our friends in the Simard lab at Mont Sainte Anne this winter! Group picture here. – March 2015

Happy holidays from the Duchaine lab! This year we are celebrating Vinay passing his Junior Seminar and Ahilya passing her Senior Seminar! – Dec. 2014

We say a fond farewell to Carine, who moves on to a new career at Montreal Biotech. Congratulations on your new position Carine! – August 2014

Roshni Alam is our new lab member! She’ll be working on the miR-17~92 cluster with Ariel! – June 2014

Alexandra Lewis is our new undergraduate trainee! She’ll be working with Ahilya on DCR-1 in worms! – May 2014

Guillaume Suffert has just joined our lab as a new post-doc! Welcome to the lab Guillaume! – April 2014

The  13th Annual Bioinformatics Workshop, Barbados, “20 years of microRNA research, current challenges, and the way onward” organized by Thomas, Michael Hallett and Vanessa Dumeaux was a massive success! Check out our new photos to get a glimpse of the fun. – Jan. 2014

Thomas threw us a great Halloween party in the student office, and we have a scary new group photo here. – Oct. 2013

Ahilya‘s won the Top Poster prize at McGill Biochemistry Research Day! The awesome prize comes with a $2000 travel grant along with a framed and autographed picture of our Department Chair.  Picture here.  – Sept. 2013

We have a new graduate student! Welcome to the lab Vinay! – Sept. 2013

We finally made a website! – Sept. 2013